Ray Monk has been working with trees for twenty years. With a background in engineering, he has the ability to make any kind of machinery run smoothly!


This ability comes in handy with the tree hugga removal system. This is a unique way of removing trees without damaging the surround areas. Unlike the traditional methods of tree removal which involve either felling the tree or chopping it into pieces and dropping them, the tree hugger has the ability to remove the tree from the top down while it is in position.


The TreeHugga team don’t just remove trees, they top them, remove stumps, mulch tree debris and clear the site. If it is to do with trees, then Ray is the man to talk to!


With all of the health and safety requirements in place, Ray and his team are the preferred suppliers for North Canterbury local authorities.  

Ray Monk

“I particularly enjoy being able to go into a property and remove a tree that has been causing difficulty to the owners for some time. Seeing the light flood into the area and make all the difference to the property is very rewarding.” ​

He's a Ray of sunshine. 

He's a Ray of sunshine. 

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